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Subject [H3-BITCH] B.I.T.CH List 2015.10.06
Date Sat, 3 October 2015 01:26:10 +0200
                   Because It's Tuesday, CH!

     When                    Where                                      Who
     ----------------------  -----------------------------------------  -------------------
     TU    06.10.2015 19:00  Chez C. Massacre, Adliswil/ZH              
     TU    20.10.2015 19:00  ???                                        Dangleberry
     TU    03.11.2015 19:00  ???                                        ??? You perhaps ???

     Special notes:
       - Event details will continue to be published both here and on the social networking 
         site with varying accuracy and detail.
       - CMassacre:  Please scroll down for detailed meeting instructions
       - , Mean Streak: None of these runs will start in Affoltern am Albis

     Contact us if you would like to set a run (and you do, just think
     of the glory!), otherwise just show up at the meeting point ready
     to run(!) If no hare has volunteered for a specific date, a live
     hare will be volunteered by the pack.

     ** If you let us know your start location ASAP, the chances are
        much better that your run will be advertised in a timely manner.
        Organizers do have a life too.....

     contact @ bitch.harrier.ch
     +41-76-574 3821

   Graphical locator:           http://bitch.harrier.ch/
   Local    transport schedule: http://zvv.ch/
   Regional transport schedule: http://sbb.ch/
   Social networking:           http://meetup.harrier.ch/

   B.I.T.CH H3 - Exceedingly proud to have received the designation
                 "Not a Hash" by a Zürich H3 GM

   Additional notes to assist interpreting the event entries 
     If not indicated otherwise:
       - "SBB" in a location indicates the exact destination 
         to enter in http://sbb.ch/
       - Run type is A -> B; public transport will be available 
         to return from B -> A; hashers are responsible for their own 
         transport costs
       - No bag drop provided. Hashers are advised to use the 
         lockers at the Zürich HB as we often select an On-Inn 
         in that area. 
         You still want to know if there are lockers at a station? 
         Click here
       - Hashers are advised to look outside and bring torches (UK) 
         or flashlights (US) if it appears we will be running in 
         the dark. Runs can be in unlit areas any time of the year.

   You can find additional, optional, run-specific information below

 | Tuesday, 6. October 2015  |
 When:         19:00  Tuesday, 6. October 2015
 Where:        Chez C. Massacre, Buttenaustr. 32, CH-8134 Adliswil/ZH; S4 to Sihlau


Nach: 8134 Adliswil, Buttenaustrasse 32
Datum: 06.10.15
Zeit: 19:00Abfahrt Ankunft

 | Tuesday, 20. October 2015  |
 When:         19:00  Tuesday, 20. October 2015
 Where:        ???
 Organization: Dangleberry

 | Tuesday, 3. November 2015  |
 When:         19:00  Tuesday, 3. November 2015
 Where:        ???
 Organization: ??? You perhaps ???

 TU   2015.11.17     Where: ???     Organization: ??? You perhaps ???
 TU   2015.12.01     Where: ???     Organization: ??? You perhaps ???
 TU   2015.12.15     Where: ???     Organization: ??? You perhaps ???
 TU   2015.12.29     Where: ???     Organization: ??? You perhaps ???