Neptunus' HHH Handle List


HandleGenderReasonHHH AffiliationContributorDate
Q-TIPSouth BayDodgerDODGERH3@delphi.com25.03.95
QramBontangUrineJohn Jackson
QuackCalgaryKing Mike Babulic12.03.95
QUACKOFFSouth BayDodgerDODGERH3@delphi.com25.03.95
QuadrapeckerDavid Douglas DHDAD@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA17.02.95
Quagmire QuackMI was hashing in Cambodia and was almost hit by a truck when crossing a bridge, jumped off the bridge and was named Swamp Thing, then opted for name change at the OH3Okinawaquagmire quackrick@imicom.or.jp02.05.99
QueenDavid Douglas DHDAD@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA17.02.95
QUEEN BEEMonterey BayDodgerDODGERH3@delphi.com25.03.95
Queen LaQueefaFHas a flatulence problemWolf PackInspect Her Gadgetjdgatton@hotmail.com01.01.99
Quelle Horreur!FWas deeply shocked by the mess we made of Easy Access (q.v.) when we named him. BMPHHH rule 4f prohibits unauthorised use of a foreign language (which is of course any language other than English, despite the fact they're in Belgium), so there you goBrussels Manneke PisSex Rejectmcgurk@mindless.com23.03.98
Quicker LickerDavid Douglas DHDAD@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA17.02.95
QuickieCalgaryKing Mike Babulic12.03.95
Quicksand LoverTimikaUrineJohn Jackson
QUICK TOOLEast Bay Mt DiabloDodgerDODGERH3@delphi.com25.03.95
QUILLSan Francisco (city)DodgerDODGERH3@delphi.com25.03.95

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